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The Chef's Garden Network features videos that highlight our sustainably grown, specialty vegetables and micro greens. If you can't come to The Chef's Garden - we'll bring The Chef's Garden to you. Watch our videos as we take you for a tour of The Chef's Garden. Tune in for our Farmer's Market and see all of our in season, specialty, sustainable vegetables, herbs and micro greens direct from The Chef's Garden fields and greenhouses Watch our Chef Feature and see and hear the top chefs of the world as they tour The Chef's Garden Learn everything you ever wanted or needed to know about heirloom vegetables, herbs and micro greens in Veggie 101 Watch some of Farmer Lee Jones' favorite videos - from Julia Child to a rocking version of "We Got The Beet"- in Classics For more information, visit or if you see the specialty vegetable, herb or micro green that you want to order, call 1-800-289-4644.  Our Product Specialists are ready to take your order.

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Chef Features

Hear what some of the world's top chefs have to say about The Chef's Garden. Select a video by the featured chef's name then sit back and enjoy The Chef's Garden experience. Over 400 top chefs tour our sustainable farm every year. They walk through our greenhouses and acres of fields sampling some of the most unique and flavorful specialty vegetables, micro greens and herbs available anywhere.


Veggie 101

The Chef's Garden is your expert when it comes to knowing everything you need to know about heirloom, specialty vegetables, herbs, greens, lettuces and microgreens.  We believe that the more


Chef's Garden Cream of the Crop

The Chef's Garden Network has a unique selection of classic videos for you to choose from. These are some of Farmer Lee Jones' favorite videos - everything from remembering Julia


About the Chef's Garden

Who we are… The Chef's Garden is the leading grower of artisanal produce in the United States for the world's top chefs. The Chef's Garden began over 40 years ago at the Jones family farm in Huron, Ohio, selling products at nearby farmers' markets. Over the years… The Chef's Garden philosophy has changed, emphasizing optimum nutrition and taste, rather than quantity. By utilizing the sustainable agriculture growing methods, the products are safe for the consumer, the community, and the environment. The Chef's Garden believes that rebuilding the soil naturally provides us with better-tasting, more nutritional products. Healthy soils, healthy crops, healthy people - that's the fundamental concept behind sustainable agriculture. The product… The Chef's Garden provides the largest selection of heirloom and specialty vegetables, micro greens, herbs and edible flowers available anywhere in the United States. With over 600 varieties, The Chef's Garden provides a myriad of flavor profiles and color palettes that can identify the tastes and appearance of every plate and heighten the dining experience for every guest. Our best-of-class products are truly exceptional. Keeping chefs on the culinary cutting edge is our top priority at the Chef's Garden. We continually strive to develop new products and to reintroduce heirlooms that have been lost over the generations. Our research and development and food safety programs assure that our quality. Freshness, taste, and service is never compromised. We are experts in growing flavor for healthy eating and a sustainable future. We invite you to join us in our commitment to the return of good taste and safe food, believing that success comes from a willingness to provide the best-tasting and freshest products you can find. To learn more go to At The Chef’s Garden®, our commitment to sustainable agriculture defines much of what we do on the farm and who we are. The farming method we choose to practice is an age-old farming approach that allows our products to grow naturally to achieve optimum flavor and nutrient levels. We are deeply dedicated to “Growing vegetables slowly and gently, in full accord with nature"®.


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The Chef's Garden Network features videos that highlight our sustainably grown, specialty vegetables and micro greens. If you can't come to The Chef's Garden - we'll bring The Chef's Garden to